Who we are

The team behind.

Corinne Kunz

Head of Marketing

After more than two decades working in women’s fashion at Akris in leading marketing positions and as Art Director, Corinne Kunz joined RUBIROSA in June 2018 and will take over responsibility as Head of Marketing/PR. She possesses a wealth of industry experience in an international environment and, as a trained photographer, also has the flair and knowledge to work in a creative environment. She loves working with beautiful and luxurious materials and is passionate about her new challenges in men’s fashion.

Rémy trained as a primary school teacher and qualified as a head teacher, and has now been working for seven years as a vocational school teacher. It has always been important to him to also remain active in his other areas of interest. For instance, he had a second job as an examination expert at the PHSG, as the manager of fitness centres, and continued his education in the areas of fashion and design. In search of possibilities to focus his passion in this area on, he realised the interior design of a music club in St. Gallen and also wrote a blog on shoes, with the aim of awakening pleasure in, and a sense for, stylish footwear with a good design in his surrounding area. Rémy is a co-founder and designer of the RUBIROSA label.

Remy Hälg

Co-Founder & Designer

Flavio Agosti

Co-Founder & CEO

Together with Luca, Flavio organised the first Rubirosa events in 2005, which gave rise to the current label. After his career as a professional football player, Flavio was able to acquire the necessary tools for a start-up entrepreneur by working for almost nine years as a project manager at the Institute für Jungunternehmen (IFJ). At the end of 2014, he took the bold step of becoming self-employed and founded the RUBIROSA label together with his friends.

Luca founded his first company at the young age of 19. Since then, this has been joined by several start-ups. In no other project so far, however, has Luca participated with as much passion as now in RUBIROSA. With RUBIROSA, he is achieving a dream that began 12 years ago and was now finally able to be implemented together with some of his friends.

Luca Vidi


Urs Rufer


After his studies to become an IT engineer, Urs gained professional experience in software development in Silicon Valley. With this knowledge, he implemented the first e-commerce projects in Switzerland with bluewin / Swisscom before he moved to the industry of IT security as co-owner of terreActive in 1999, where he was able to use his experience in many projects and with many customers. In addition to his position as CEO at terreActive, Urs was a member of EO, which enabled him to make use of his expertise in various start-ups. Since 2015, he has also been able to do this at RUBIROSA. As well as the technical IT aspects for the online channel, he contributes his knowledge in the field of product development for skis and watches in expanding the product portfolio.

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