RUBIROSA @ Pitti Uomo

RUBIROSA – The Gentlemen’s Brand – Handmade leather sneakers and accessories with Italian style. The new collection will be presented exclusively at Pitti Immagine Uomo 93 in Florence.

Swiss label RUBIROSA manufactures exclusive sneakers and accessories for men and preserves the traditional standards of craftsmanship. “We rely on the most experienced manufacturers in Italy,” explains CEO, Flavio Agosti. The classy sneakers boast excellent quality and refinement and offer unrivalled comfort. The products are aimed at urban cosmopolitans of all ages who value class and aesthetics. Men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like a true gentleman, the RUBIROSA customer also appreciates understatement. He uses selected pieces to emphasise his own style. Simple, but efficient.

From St. Tropez to St. Moritz

Whether it be Paris, St. Tropez or St. Moritz, there wasn’t a single place that Porfirio Rubirosa left without leaving behind jealous men and unfortunate love-struck women. He travelled in his own B-25 bomber, converted into a private jet for him, drove Ferraris, played polo and never missed a party for the rich and beautiful. As nice as their lives may be, what man would not like to slip into the shoes of a Porfirio Rubirosa, a playboy, gentleman and man-about-town, at least temporarily.

RUBIROSA brings the glamour of days gone by into the present day and will be exhibiting at Pitti Immagine Uomo 93 in Florence for the second time.

RUBIROSA, named after the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa (1909–1965), is more than just a brand. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this young label represents an outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. In short, RUBIROSA is pure joie de vivre – from head to toe.

“I have always cared about clothes, and I will go to any length to look good, but the way Rubirosa dressed made me feel as if I’d fallen off the garbage truck.” Sammy Davis Jr.