World Novelty:
The RUBIROSA team launches a new sneaker that does not yet exist.

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World Novelty

Horse Olive Leather Sneaker

The world’s first horse olive leather sneaker will soon be available in 4 different colours on Kickstarter. High-quality, durable and sustainably produced horse leather (no animal will be killed for the leather) is the basis of the new sneaker. The leather is particularly hard-wearing, rich in fat and therefore water-repellent. The innovative processes of olive leaf tanning offer a high, sustainable quality. The combination of horse leather and the particularly gentle olive leaf tanning is called BLATTWERK leather and is a world first in the shoe industry. Get your unique sneaker on Kickstarter.


Traditional craftsmanship

Innovative Design – Traditional Manufacturing

By using good, old, traditional ways of producing, we offer unique handmade products. Italian artisans have been making the best quality footwear in the world for centuries. Most designer shoes on the global market are produced on the Riviera del Brenta. We combine the design of modern sneakers with traditional materials and methods – making a shoe that is good looking with the finest Italian quality and utmost attention to detail and comfort.
Filippo2-Bearbeitet Kopie


The perfect fit

Superior Digital Experience

We give you a superior digital experience with an effective technology – in defining your shoe size straight away on the platform. With a few clicks, you receive a recommendation based on a shoe model you already wear well. With the perfect chosen size, your shoes will fit perfectly.


Unbeatable price

Innovative Processes

We use innovative technologies for more transparency – to increase awareness for traditional artisanal production, we bring our producers closer to our customers and build lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. We sell directly online – by using new platform technologies, we are able to sell our high-end luxury products directly to you, the end consumer, at affordable prices. No intermediaries are involved.

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