Busting the myths about men’s fashion

Although men’s fashion is growing slowly and has fewer rules, some great myths can very well remove all the clothes. Starting from don’t wear denim on denim to an adage “real men don’t wear pink” – although it is not possible to ignore their merits, we certainly can’t validate them in today’s world either.
When you work in the men’s clothing industry or an online shopping UAE, you will hear crazy things. The problem with these scandalous myths is that they are often based on pre-created rules that are (or are not) stylish. It gets simplified, goes from generation to generation and misunderstood.

Real Men Don’t Wear Pink – Totally wrong! A real man does not care about the color of his shirt. The color of a shirt does not make anyone less of a man; instead, it is emphasizing his masculinity! Pink is a great color and goes very well with all kinds of trousers. Believe in your imagination and wear the color with confidence.

Red and Green Should Never Be Seen – Although contrary to the color wheel, you should never be afraid to experiment. Although the solid blocks would be too high, the secret is to vary the hue of each color as much as possible, usually in different directions, with a lighter green joining a darker red, or a darker green joining a lighter red. It helps to introduce a neutral color to balance them out.

Always Match Your Belt with Your Shoes – You don’t have to do that. Your belt should be of the same color family, i.e., black or brown, but not necessarily matched. If you don’t know what to wear, always lean toward the darker side. The black belt goes well with anything; the same rule applies for a navy belt. Alternatively, a brown belt, for example, combined with dark brown shoes adds a nice touch to your look. Forget about the rules; it’s time to be a bit non-traditional!

Don’t Wear Denim on Denim – Wearing denim on denim can be done, of course! Agreed that it is one look that can easily go wrong, horribly at that, but if you get the double denim done right, then you are a stylish king. The key is to achieve contrast between the shirt or jacket and the jeans, both in color and texture. For example, combine a light colored pair of denim with a darker chambray shirt. It looks cool and sweet. This is not for a fashion novice, but it’s not a rocket science. Wear it with confidence; trust in your eyes, and you can work this look!

Having One Pair of Formal Shoes is enough – Your shoes should be at least the same color as your pants or darker. Simple, so black leather joggers go with grey, navy or black bespoke pants, brown leather shoes with brown, beige, green or earthy colors, etc.

The ONE Golden Rule of Men’s Fashion
Now we have busted some myths, let us determine one concrete truth in men’s fashion. That fit is King. Without a proper fit, regardless of the price, match or color, if it doesn’t fit, it won’t look right. So, wherever you go, we have busted five men’s fashion myths that you were afraid to try before. They say rules are meant to be broken and we couldn’t agree more!

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